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your Vocal training "Step to the Ocean"



yoga, & wellness on the beach

​Yoga lessons are held in the morning on the beach of Santa Monica. The air is fresh and blended to the ocean breeze and the only sounds you hear are the waves of the ocean and the leafs of the trees.  Why is so Energetic to have yoga lesson in the morning by the beach? Because it is powerful,  simple, direct and accessible, purifying, energizing, activating yet deeply relaxing & rejuvenative. It will inspire, empower & transform your Yoga & your life.  Yoga is a discipline, an art, a science and a philosophy. It is a practice of the body of the mind, soul and heart. Yoga can be defined as a tool and a technique, an approach, a body of knowledge to understand life, to describe the phenomenon of life and how to live in the best possible way.


Rhythmic and melodic circle singing is a chance for all levels of singer to come together to create rhythmic, waved and resounding sound tapestries. Circle Singing helps singers find their voices and expand improvisational skills and creative processes.  Everyone will have a chance to build musical confidence in this free zone. CircleSinging leads to deeper listening, a deepening of intuition, and a rich community experience. Singing together reduces stress, brings about healthy cortisol levels, regulates heart rate and feels great!

 ​​Lee Curreri
music producer, composer, pianist, keyboardist​​

From the moment you step inside Lee Curreri’s recording studio in Marina del Rey you’ll feel as if you’ve jumped onto the set of the most famous American tv series: "Fame.”  Pictures of ‘Bruno’, ‘Coco’ and ‘Leeroy Johnson’ hang on the wall.  You’ll be astounded by the charm, kindness & down-to earth attitude of Lee Curreri.  After mastering his craft at the Manhattan School of Music, Lee became an international sensation as the star of the acclaimed motion picture and television series “Fame” playing the role of the intense keyboard prodigy: “Bruno Martelli.”  Mr. Currieri has a gift of capturing the undivided attention of his students.  His lesson/recording session is crafted upon his professional experience of a long career and thousands of productions.




​Giovanna Gattuso

​​singer, songwriter, vocal coach​

"Between Giovanna's tried and true vocal teaching methods, her intuitiveness, and her sweet and patient character, she is a godsend for vocalists and aspiring singers alike"  sayed Lee Curreri.  Her classes cover all aspects of using the voice professionally from basic warm-ups to complex agility exercises, concluding with concrete information on creating a successful business as a singer, actor or public speaker. The Crossover Singing Method class: anatomy, formation of sound, support appoggio & sustain, sound release, vowels and positions, respiration, exercises on Crossover Method, agility,  health and prevention.



Roberto Montero

​​guitarist, singer​

Roberto will teach students about the history of this fascinating music.  Created in Brazil in the late 1950s during a period of political change and economical growth, Bossa Nova has often been described as the music of the Brazilian middle and upper class. This musical style originated in the wealthy neighborhoods that sprouted along the beaches of the city of Rio de Janeiro and both its music and lyrics were composed by middle and upper-class musicians and marketed to the same economic group.  The origin, the lyrics &  the meaning,  the rhythms.  Also: the Samba and the first urban popular music of Brazil the Choro (the happy rhythm, the virtuosity, the improvisation, the subtle modulations and syncopation).  Roberto’s upbeat & fun class promises to bring the exotic flavors of Brazilian music to the shores of California.


Laurie Anderson

​​singer, pianist, composer, author 

Laurie experience in music, music production, television, commercials, documentaries, as singer/musician/author/contracter etc. made her lesson in business the biggest and significant tool for any professional singer.  Protocol and etiquette will make you not also recognise as great performer but also as the best, rielaible, hiring professionist in your own field.  Everything you need to know about: contract, money, being a lead singer or voice over, work in a recording session or in a live concert, how to behave with  collegues, conductor etc.


​Emmanuel Fratianni

conductor, pianist, composer,president of collectivemuse ​


What is a music conductor’s job? A music conductor is a person who leads a group of singers and/or instrumentalists through a work of music.Music conductors can work in theater, movies, television, and recording studios.  The music conductors job is to lead the group in the interpretation of the music. This includes the tempo (speed), volume, and many other areas that are subject to at least some interpretation on the conductor’s part.  The music conductor has to plan rehearsals, decide on what pieces will be performed, and other things involved with the workings of a group of musicians. The qualities and responsabilities of a good conductor include:  being comfortable leading a group and lead singer, being able to communicate and motivate, being well organized and flexible, having a good stage presence, having a love of travel, being able to establish a connection with the musicians so they respect and understand him.


Daniel Riordan

​​actor, voice over 

Stage Improvisation, “ THE ROLE “ 


Daniel is an Actor and writer, known for Jingle all the Way, Tranformer, Ed Wood. Among others:

Animation Avatar: The Last Airbender - General Mung, Additional Voices, The Wild Thornberrys - Master of Ceremonies. Film roles:   Dreamgirls - L.A. Deejay, The Pavilion - Northmour, Jingle All The Way - Turbo Man, The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space - Ty Farrell/Captain Zoom, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery

Begins - Voice of the Dark Spector Video game roles X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse - Mister Sinister- Stryfe, Transformers: The Game - Bonecrusher, Shockwave, The Order: 1886 - Mysterious Figure, The Evil Within - Marcelo Jimenez, Additional USA  VO, 300: March to Glory - Xerxes, Hydarnes, Additional Voices, Age of Empires III - Pierre Beaumont, Colonel George Washington, Age of Mythology - Arkantos, Kastor, Armed & Dangerous - Brother Zoltof.

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