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The first certification in Italy since 2005!

With offices in Italy, the USA and Canada, this certification program was created to satisfy teachers, students and singers from all over the world. The innumerable requests for a certification came directly from the TEACHERS who tried the Crossover Singing Method and who are looking for a qualified guide and a recognized and avant-garde network that until now was missing in Italy. The Crossover Singing Method by Giovanna Gattuso is among the most used in Italy and recognized internationally. Giovanna, thanks to years of teaching experience and fruitful collaborations with important singers and teachers of international renown, has created a teaching and singing method unique in its kind, simple, clear and immediately effective that takes into account the differences in styles, existing traditions and musical genres. All those who rely on teachers certified to the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD by Giovanna Gattuso have the certainty of having competent teachers. Thanks to the various certification CROXs, teachers acquire more knowledge and skills regarding vocal technique and teaching, become part of a constantly updated network, take advantage of all the professional and economic advantages that this membership entails.

welcome to the Crossover Singing Method


 "In 25 years of teaching in Italy, the United States and Canada I have met incredibly talented talents not only vocally and musically. The passion for communication is, in my opinion, fundamental for a teacher. The decision to certify teachers for teaching of the Crossover Method was simply a consequence inspired by the response that these singers, students and teachers showed me every time I had the pleasure of working with them ".

Giovanna Gattuso


Become an expert in
teaching vocal technique
You will be endorsed to students in your geographic area
Receive discounts on educational materials and  
at our events around the world 
All of our teachers are welcome to participate and teach on our singing workshops in Los Angeles at the Venice Voice Academy.
Teachers and their students will receive also discounts on our events in USA, Canada and Italy
You will become part of an international network which includes  Italy, Canada and Usa
You will be recognize as team of a methodology  used in the international show business 
You will transform in a profit the investment  in your carrier


  • You will receive a single and official certificate of certification;

  • Discounts for participation in all the events in the world related to the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD by Giovanna Gattuso® (internship, campus, master class, conferences etc.), and to those organized by us in any location in the world;

  • Scholarships for your students;

  • Constant updates from our newsletter;

  • The names of certified teachers CROX I, CROX II, CROX III and MASTER, are reported to customers in nearby geographical areas;

  • The opportunity to advertise your membership in the Crossover Singing Method Group when promoting your study, school etc;

  • Discounts for the purchase of books, CDs, videos and all school materials;

  • You can take advantage of our discounted accommodation in Italy - USA / CANADA to participate with your students on our campuses;

  • You can take advantage of a training period as a teacher at CAMPUS USA;

  • You can take advantage of internships with Los Angeles music professionals;

  • We endorse experts in international copyright and experts in work permits in the USA and CANADA.

  • You can have the unique opportunity to work side by side to a 25 years experienced pro in teaching, performing and conducting all over the world like Giovanna 

Become a Certified Crox Instructor

EIGHT (8) new applicants per country are accepted each year to begin the certification process. The path is simple and you can combine it with your daily school or work activities but it requires seriousness and constancy and a period of 12 months to obtain the first CROX before starting to teach belonging to the network. You can decide to stop at the first CROX or, at your choice, continue in the levels.


If you want to get closer to our CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD without being certified, MASTERCLASS and workshops are available. See dates at the EVENTS link.








   Crox I

   Crox II

   Crox III

   Master Crox


Levels of Certification

Benefits & Advantages for our teachers

Gymnasium begins!
Attend two training workshops
42 hours
Continue preparation online
200 hours
Take the certification

11. Can I complete my studies on line if I can't travel?

Yes, for one-on-one lessons on lind. The two workshops are to be attended in person.



12. Does a Online lesson have the same result and benefit, and does it have the same value for certification?

Absolutely yes. The lessons via skype have been tested for years and an internet connection is sufficient. Live studio lessons are valid for certification.



13. If I have never studied singing, can I still start this certification process or do I have to be already at an advanced level of preparation?

To start the certification process is not 'required prerequisites. The Gymnasium is, by definition, the "center of education, primary education". With the Gymnasium begins the knowledge of everything that is the basis of the Crossover Singing Method.



14. Can I also teach other singing methods after taking the Crossover Method certification?




15. Can I have the certification if I am an opera singer, is the certification only for "modern" singing?

Absolutely yes. The term Crossover embodies the universality of styles. Crossover is the term used to indicate the musical genre in which "modern" music (pop, jazz, blues, gospel, rock, ...) and classical, lyrical music, meet and merge, giving life to a new musical world, without limits, pre-established patterns and labels.



16. Once I have obtained the certification, can I only teach or hold internships on the Crossover Method?

Internships and clinics are not allowed unless after obtaining the express written authorization from Giovanna Gattuso. These presentations are only granted to certified teachers at a Master's level.



17. How much does it cost to use the brand annually?

The cost for the use of the Crossover brand is € 80 and can be paid from 1 to 31 January starting from one year after obtaining the certification.


1. How many steps does the certification entail?

The certifications are divided into: Crox I, Crox II, Crox III and MASTER CROSSOVER. From the moment you sign up for the certification process, the Gymnasium begins, which is the exam preparation phase. CROX I EXAM. If you pass the license to teach the CROX I. From this moment you can

continue the academic course of your choice to obtain the CROX II, CROX III and Master license.



2. What is the study period foreseen for each step?

The exam preparation of each step (Crox I, Crox II, Crox III and MASTER CROSSOVER) requires a minimum of 12 months study.


3. How many hours of total lessons does each Crox provide?

200 hours! 2 full immersion workshops of a 21 hours each (3 days each workshop). And 200 hours of lessons.



4. How long do I have to complete the CROX I, II, III, master?

Each candidate can proceed with their own schedule and there are no obligations in having to obtain all the certifications. So a certified teacher, for example, at Crox I can only teach Crox I throughout his career. This also applies to Crox II, Crox III and MASTER CROSSOVER.



5. Can I speed up the journey?

The time of assimilation and practice are part of the course of study.



6. When can I start teaching the Crossover Singing Method?

Immediately after passing the exam you can teach the Crossover Singing Method related to your level.



7. What if I don't pass a level exam? Can I repeat the exam? How long does it take to retry the exam?

If you don't pass the exam you can repeat it but you have to wait at least 6 months to prepare yourself again.



8. Can I have an installment of the cost?

Yes. Customized installments are provided



9. Do I have to continue taking refresher lessons over the years?

There are no obligations. Certified teachers can continue to update.


10. Can I lose the right to certification?

Any violation of even just one of the commitments made once certification is obtained entails:

• The inability to teach, promote and further disseminate the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD.

• The immediate cessation of the use, made in any way, of the brands GIOVANNA GATTUSO ® and CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD by Giovanna Gattuso ®.

The certification training course is open to both singing teachers and students with serious teaching intentions and good communication skills. Our mission with the Crossover Method is to guarantee teachers and students the learning of a sound vocal technique and that will allow you to help anyone who uses the voice by profession.



What is the path to becoming a Certified Teacher at


by Giovanna Gattuso®

If you are interested in taking the certification path to teaching

of the Method of Singing Crossover subscribe to our waiting list!

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