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Performance and Workshop

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is a project of

Music & Visual Performance


Anahid Boghosian

American/Armenian Visual artist

Giovanna Gattuso

Italian Music Award Winner - Singer Performer

With Hibiscus Awakening, interdisciplinary artists Giovanna and Anahid, through an unspoken dialogue of music and painting, will take you on an exploratory journey where their individual mediums intertwine for a heartbeat to reveal a delicate dance of inception, discovery, creativity and passion, only to separate and find their own intrinsic paths. The work created during this performance will be a true reflection of the artists' experience of the moment, combining the energy created by each other and the audience.


The Hibiscus flower is a symbol of resilience and adaptability.  As artists, as women and as citizens of the world, Giovanna and Anahid's performance will the result in artwork that highlights the effect of artistic energy on each other, our communities, and in turn the world. Individually we all emote and exude energy that affects one another's minds. Let us all try to treat each other the same way we would treat a simple Hibiscus flower - with love, appreciation and gratitude. 





Hibiscus Awakening

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Hibiscus Awakening


Hibiscus Awakening



 the workshop

Italy 2023

Hibiscus Awakening is a journey that 2 artists will take you on through music and painting. Both Giovanna and Anahid are interdisciplinary artists who’s focuses are different. This performance piece will show Inception, discovery, creativity, and implementation through the effects the music and painting upon each other. As their heartbeats sync with the music and intern each other the piece evolves as if it were a we'll rehearsed dance coming together and Intertwining only to eventually separate and find their own paths, but each artists work will now be informed by this unspoken dialogue. The Hibiscus is a symbol of resilience and adaptability. As artists, as women and as citizens of the world we want to tell a story that we all effect each other and if we treat each other as we do a beautiful flower that we nurture and watch bloom then admire as it withers we can be a lot more tolerant and live with the affected but not overpowered.



September 23rd, 2023

Lusanette Collective, Burbank Ca, USA

September 28th, 2023

Artlounge Collective, Los Angeles Ca, USA

September 30th, 2023

Montana Art Walk, Santa Monica, Ca, USA

October 7th, 2023

Workshop, Maison della Voce, Rome Italy

October 8th, 2023

Performance, Rome Italy

October 9th-15th, 2023

Italian experience Tuscan Retreat, Tuscany Italy

What: Workshop Hibiscus Awakening Duo, Anahid and Giovanna,  Unlock new layers of your unique creativity,-reach a new level of self-expression, using the voice and the art

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