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16-17 JANUARY 2021

Cynthia and Giovanna met in 2008 on the set of Lynn Isenberg's “The Funeral Planner” which also featured pop star Joss Stone. Their passion for teaching voice and performance led them, a few months later, to take a teaching tour throughout Italy, California and Connecticut.  They are currently working on their book, "A journey to Fame."


They will return to Italy again in 2021 with new events,

but to kick off this “journey” they are offering a workshop next month!


16-17 January 2021

A Journey to Fame

10% Technique & 90% Attitude

Approaching auditions and performances from the professional perspective: Attitude; technique; stage fright; and preparation for auditions and performances in all mediums (stage, television and film.) Open to all, beginners and professionals


Dates: January 16-17, 3 hours a day,

via zoom.

Registration provides a discount for those who register by January 8th, 2021: Euro 160.

From January 9th, Euro 180

Meet your Instructors

"Cynthia’s career began at age 14 in New York City as Ford model.  Woody Allen cast her in "Stardust Memories” at the age of 15, followed by commercials, 2 years on daytime's "Search For Tomorrow” and then as a series regular on “Fame.” Because of the weekly sessions in the recording studio for the show, Cynthia began her vocal training with Dr. Joel Ewing, with whom she studied for 30 years, and her acting study with Milton Katselas at The Beverly Hills Playhouse.. 


Cynthia has starred opposite Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, James Woods, James Spader, Burt Reynolds, Jean-Claude Van Dam, Shirley Jones, Dick Van Dyke, Dabney Coleman, Christopher Lloyd and many others.  

Some of her 13 films include Oliver Stones “Salvador,” “Youngblood,” "Modern Girls,” “Malone,” “Jack’s Back,” and “Death Warrant.” Additionally Cynthia has made more than 25 films for television, starred in 5 series  and played the title roles of "The Karen Carpenter Story" and CBS's "Gypsy," opposite Bette Midler, for which she received a Golden globe nomination.


She is a member of the prestigious Actors' Studio and a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1979. In those 41 years she has been working as an actress, dancer and singer.  


Cynthia has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1979. In those 41 years years she has been working as an actress, dancer and singer.  Her credits include starring roles in 13 feature films, 5 network series, 20 made-for-television movies, 10 guest roles on series, countless TV pilots, daytime TV, a webisode, commercials, voice-overs, and print work as a Ford model.


In terms of voice training, Cynthia’s studies have included 30 years of private vocal coaching, 12 years in Dr. Ewing's Master Chorale and 8 years of vocal pedagogy (the art  of teaching singing.) In pedagogy Ms. Gibb has extensively studied the writings of Herbert Caesari, Cornelius Reid, William Vennard and Dr. Ewing's doctoral papers, focusing on registration being the most important foundation of singing. No matter what style one  performs, the muscle system that makes our voices instruments must  be balanced and Ms. Gibb's training allows her to hear and correct  vocal faults as well as injuries. 

the cast of "fame"

 Cynthia hasdone multiple live reunion concerts with the cast of Fame in Italy, Liverpool and Los Angeles. She can be heard on the Gypsy soundtrack, as well as on dozens of videos on YouTube. 


Golden Globe - Nominated for Best Actress for "Gypsy" (1993).

Young Artist Award - Nominated for Best Young Actress for "Fame" (1984).

Cynthia is the founder of Triple Threat Academy in Westport, Connecticut, USA” 


Cynthia Gibb


Giovanna Gattuso is an International performer, singer/songwriter and world renowned vocal coach.    Her artistry also includes worldwide collaborations in music, art and fashion.


Multi award winner as Best Latin Female Singer Songwriter of 2006 and Best World Music Album of the 2006 with “Jungle e Maree” at the 16th Annual International Los Angeles Music Awards. 

In 2020 her Venice Voice Academy received from the city of Los Angeles the Award as Best Voice Academy of Venice Beach along with the Award as Best Vocal Coach.


Giovanna holds classes & workshops in ITALY, CANADA and USA teaching her personally developed vocal system, "The CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD", which combines 25 years of cosmopolitan experience of teaching and coaching singers of all ages and backgrounds of style including jazz, pop, rock, classical.  

The Crossover Singing Method is the first Certified Teaching Method in Italy and the book CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD, published in the 2005 in Italian and English, is among the Top 5 on the Best Seller Italian list as Vocal/Singing Method.  

Giovanna Gattuso is the founder of the VENICE VOICE ACADEMY, located in Venice Beach, California USA. where she has been hosting and directing vocal workshops for the past 15 years where students participating and learning from some of the best musicians, songwriters, vocalists, actors in the Los Angeles area like Oscar Winner Andrea Morricone, Hollywood star Rebecca De Mornay, Fox orchestra conductor Half Clausen, Golden Globe winner Carlo Siliotto, APM president Adam Taylor  just to mention a few (please check link VENICE VOICE ACADEMY).

Along with her teaching and performing, Giovanna is also in demand as a choral director and conductor working with choirs and orchestras all over the world. She was called to prepare a children's choir and conduct their performance with the “Portale” for orchestra, along with international guest soloists which was presented in June 2013 to the Mayor of Los Angeles , Antonio Villaraigosa, during the official opening of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX (International Los Angeles Airport), with producer, David Foster.  

In 2017 Giovanna opened the MAISON DELLA VOCE vocal studio in the heart of Rome area Trastevere.

cynthia gibb.jpg
hybiscus awakening, live art performance
on set "the king is naked"
on set "the funeral planner" with
joss stone
red carpet premiere "the funeral planner" with cynthia gibb
gg with producer david foster and emmanuel fratianni

Giovanna Gattuso



TIME: h. 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm Italian time

COST: early bird Euro 160 before Jan 8th, 2021 - euro 180 from Jan 9th

Cynthia and Giovanna will hold a workshop in Rome and a retreat in Tuscany between spring and fall 2021

January 16th-17th 2021

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A jurney to fame
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