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our in Trastevere district

Folk songs from ancient Rome sung for you on a traditional trastevere district terrace on the roof.   at the Maison della Voce

- Open to all age - all levels.

Tour: Memories of Rome Soundtrack - cinema and music with aperitif and live performance We will immerse you in the historic Trastevere where you will relive the atmosphere of the past years between music, films, the life of actors and singers who have crossed the most bohemian heart of Rome: Trastevere. The true DNA of Rome, the habits and customs that were born and which have remained unchanged like the clothes hanging between two windows, the dialect still in use, the smells of the characteristic foods, the colors and the architecture of the stacked houses. A walk through the alleys where we will tell you anecdotes from the backstage of historical films, the city / village that has been the set of unforgettable films. We, taking inspiration from everything that the district offers, will give you all this and we will end our journey in a characteristic apartment with a private balcony overlooking the rooftops where an aperitif with typical traditional snacks will be offered: croquettes, suppli ' , bruschetta. All accompanied by a live performance offered to the participants with some songs that have been talked about along the way. The most beautiful musical melodies in the heart of Rome The film set and the soundtrack in ancient RomeThe stornelli are popular and folk songs that are part of the huge Roman cultural heritage.

The stornello is a type of folk poetry, and very simple, historically is generally improvised and arguments generally satirical and love..

The Trasteverini, historians inhabitants of Trastevere district, seem to cherish the ancient sounds that pass through the heart of Rome and embody the essence, the strornello. We can say that starlings is a Roman voice that communicates to the world the simple essence of the Roman spirit..

“Li Fiori trasteverini” (trad. The flowers of Tarstevere) is one of the songs that best represented the inhabitants of Trastevere:

“Semo li fiori trasteverini,/semo signori… senza quatrini,/er core nostro è ‘na capanna,/ core sincero che nun se te ‘nganna.” (trad. “We are trasteverini’s flowers, / We are gentlemen … no money, /  our heart is ‘one hut / sincere heart don’t you deceive.” Roman folk songs and classic romanesche songs: the stornelli

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