Happy New Year to all of you.
A lot has happened this year.  Despite the unfortunate situation of the pandemic that is forcing us to review our lives, I want to share with you the good initiatives and events that have happened and those to come.
We took advantage of these difficult moments to stimulate our creativity and to try to instill courage to continue to cultivate our passions.

In early 2020 our Academy in Vence Beach, Califonia - the Venice Voice Academy received the City of Los Angeles Award for Best Vocal Education School, and I was awarded the Venice Voice Coach Award. I was really pleased.

In January 2020 a well-known RAI televisione journalist asked me to prepare her vocally for the conduction at the SanRemo Festival.

The arrival of the pandemic forced me to bring all the work of the splendid studio in Rome - the Maison della Voce - online. I have always worked online having to divide myself between the USA, Italy and Canada. But being forced (like everyone else) to keep up the spirit and morale was an incredible journey to reinvent ourselves and organize new and different events. The "Good Morning with GG", the daily vocal warm up, lasted almost 2 months. And it was wonderful. Then the vocal challenges, the "The Rome Fidapa Singers Sisters & friend" choir which not only produced and recorded but also opened to new participants from other countries around the world.

The lessons intensified with new participants and collaborations.

And then the new site that finally brought together about 30 years of work and career in Italy, USA and Canada.  For clarity, I will now "tell you".


The site groups:


1. Crossover Singing Method: the singing method, the lessons, the workshops, the teaching certification, the method and the book.

2. Giovanna Gattuso: the artist, performer, songwriter, projects with figurative art, painting, music, videos and teaching.

3. La Maison della Voce: the wonderful studio in Trastevere, the artistic and picturesque neighborhood in the heart of Rome.

4. The Venice Voice Academy, the school in Venice Beach California USA, founded in 2006 and currently active in the Easter and Summer periods with the now famous Singing Campus.

5. Store: it is our "shop" where you can find educational material, books, audio books, diaries, gift boxes with products for the voice. And then all the courses to register for, the challenges, the lessons, the workshops, the scheduled events. And finally the link to all the objects connected to our "society6" partners.

And now the program, absolutely work in progress. I will do my best to confirm all scheduled events as soon as possible. Compatibly with the trend of life in the rest of the world. As already said poetically: "We are waves of the same sea".

  • Workshop with Cynthia Gibb, January 16-17, 2021

  • Relaxation in Music "5 CONTINENTS" new appointments starting from Sunday 7 February 2021

  • Lectures and sessions of vocal technique via zoom. We prefer to continue online for your and our greetings for some time yet.

  • Campus-retreat in Tuscany: Sara Ruoti and I look forward to confirming our splendid OPIFICIO in the period of June or September. Hollywood star Cynthia Gibb guest.

  • The CHORUS: "Rome Singers sisters & friends" is about to record the second piece. Registrations for the new year open by the end of February.

Great post-pandemic projects: stay tuned!

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With Kindness, Giovanna

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  • The 5 Continents Relaxing sessions started Nov 22nd - You can get on board anytime. Write me:

  • Christmas is almost here!!  And you wanna have your Singing repertoire ready! Finally!  Enroll to our "12 Songs in 12 days" Challenge! and learn the TOP ever listen songs. Group class on zoom!

  • Store there are many new beautiful items to purchase for the Holidays. Includes our partnership with Society6 for amazing fun stuff!


  • Good Morning with GG - every Monday morning 8.40 am Rome Time - daily Vocal Warm Up - FREE

  • Venice Voice Academy Yes! it will happen.  Of course we know it's not safe to travel so we are doing our best to give you the same education we guarantee you every year since the 2006.  So: STAY TUNED for the VVA ONLINE on JULY 2020! 

  • The Maison della Voce in Rome - for yours and our safety we will continue to give voice lessons, workshops and lecture online. Fell free to reserve your spot for the live session.  Stay tuned!


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