The GG "Car-Tune"Show! Fasten your SING BELT! (Allaccia le cinture: Si Canta!)

September 11, 2016


Hello friends! We are very excited and happy to announce the premiere of our new web-video series, "The GG Car tune Show", this September 2nd, 2016 on our YouTube channel, "The GG Car Tune Show” and www.facebook.com/theGGCarTuneShow"


The name, "The GG Cartune Show" is a play on the word "cartoon" conceived because of the playful and animated nature of the style of interviews all done while driving through different areas of Los Angeles and Italy. The concept of the show was created by professional singer and renowned vocal coach, Giovanna GaHuso, as a follow up to her successful audio cd, "Fasten Your Seat belts: Singing Behind The Wheel", which is a series of vocal exercises designed

to warm up on the way to a performance, recorded in Los Angeles. The exercises are performed by Ms. GaHuso, accompanied by jazz pianist and composer, Lou ForesWeri, done to many different styles and types of rhythms.

Her new video web show is a continuation of the success she achieved from her vocal warm up audio cd.


"I wanted to create a way for singers and artists to learn more about their craft, giving them ideas and Wps to further their careers, so I started interviewing professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with in all areas of show business, but doing it in my car while creaWng an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness along with them sharing their knowledge like how they got their start plus giving advice to those singers and arWsts just starWng out. It is so much fun! We can get really crazy! I have actually made pizza in the car with one of my guest stars! There are no boundaries. Anything goes!"


The success of Ms. GaHuso's audio CD “Fasten your seat belts: Singing Behind the Wheel!” created quite a buzz in the media upon its release in 2010: “La Repubblica” the daily Italian newspaper, compared the cd to the famous image of an Italian Cult Movie: “Amici miei” with Duilio Del Prete, Gastone Moschin, Philippe Noiret, Adolfo Celi and Ugo Tognazzi; but it also was put under a bit of scrutiny…by “Isoradio”, a radio show hosted by the journalist Manuela Falceb, which is a daily program based on drive-ability (driving and traffic service channel). During the interview with Ms. GaHuso, professors and

various guests were questioning, "Is singing in the car dangerous?” "The fact is, people have always listened to music, singing along to it in their cars. I have been warming up on the way to my performances since I started driving, and so has every singer I know", says Ms. GaHuso. These fun vocal exercises are based on “sounds and noises” inspired by a trip in the car; the Wc-tac of the turn signals, the rhythm of the windshield wipers, the irregular and soothing sound of the rain drops on the car, even the sound of the train when you are stopped at the crossing.


Keeping the "in car theme", her fun and informative new video web show is part of Ms. GaHuso's commitment to further a students knowledge of the "business" side of show business beyond the basics of vocalizing. Her guests are not students but actually professionals in show biz: the Multi-Award Winner king of Jazz and scat Gege’ Telesforo, the Golden Globe Nominee, Carlo Silitto (“Nomad”, “The Punisher” with John Travolta, “Miracles from Heaven” with Jennifer Garner, Il Padre e lo Straniero by Tognazzi etc), the fashion designer Fabrizio Modina, the singer/songwriter and host of the famous “Le Iene” Tiziano LamberJ, the lead actor of “The Adventure of Captain Zoom” Daniel Riordan, the Hollywood writer-producer-director Andria Litto, the voice over actor, Massimo Bitossi (Michael Moore in "Fahrenheit 9/11”, “Inglorious bastard”, “Argo” etc.), the musical singer and lead roles of “Notre Dame De Paris” and “Romeo and Giuliet” by Riccardo Cocciante, Fabrizio Voghera; the Italian Opera Singer Rosario MoneR, the director of the web series “G&T” that reached 70 million visitors from all over the world, Francesco D’Alessio etc. They were all invited for a mini road trip of

twenty minutes where tips, suggesWons and vocal exercises are given along with some funny life lessons in the car. We have filmed 30 episodes so far, recorded between the winding Los Angeles freeways, the ocean view streets of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, California. We also film in Giovanna's home country of Italy, the beauWful and historical areas of downtown Rome, Turin and Naples.


Please tune in and join in the fun! You will not only enjoy the ride, but you will learn a lot as well! "The GG CarTune Show", starts streaming on September 2nd, 2016 on: Giovanna Gattuso's YouTube channel, "The GG Car Tune Show” and also on



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