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October 2, 2014




 “It’s going to be beautiful,” predicted Giovanna Gattuso, commenting on her 3rd showing of The King   is Naked, which had its premier opening in Little Italy’s Convivio Center in San Diego Sunday  evening.  She was correct. The event was as great a success here as were its two former showingsin Turin, Italy  on June 7th, 2014, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles on August 28th, 2014.  

“I have had such amazing people working with me; from the production, to the videoing, to some of the dresses provided by my mother,” said Gattuso, adding that her crew were wonderful while working with her. She credits Fabrizio Modena, the King, with being responsible for producing the concept of the  video. “It was the most fun ever,” smiled Gattuso recalling the scene of her with two other beautiful women and 18 young men in Speedo bathing suits.  In one scene, where she came close to kissing one of the males, she recalls being mortified. “How can I do this in front of my mother?” In another scene she said it was so hot and humid, and while everyone else was dipping into the pool, she had to stay in costume which was a full dress clinging to her because of the heat and humidity. “It was July 17, hot and very humid,” she recalled. In this was sitting on a table.   When I tried to get up, the dress was stuck to the table because of the heat and humidity.” A beautiful dress, made by her mother was ruined.


The King is Naked was directed by Francesco D’Alessio and Matteo Rocchi.  The song was written by Gattuso. It was produced and arranged by Grammy Award Winner Ted Perlman.


Gattuso said she was inspired by a political speech she heard. “The King is Naked, can be about any politician; can be about any arrogant person who feels he’s on top of the world,” said the songwriter. “The video is analogous to climbing up a mountain, and coming back down again,” she explained.


“I’m very perfectionistic about art,” stated Gattuso, “and when it comes to creativity, I am strong about what I want,” she added. She commented that she sometimes runs into differing views with her producers, but feels that these skirmishes bring out the best because they are productive.


Gattuso is also the founder at Venice Voice Academy in the greater Los Angeles area. Educated at the Accademia Delle Belle Arte di Torino, the Istituto Statale D’Arte di Torino and the University of California in San Diego, she has accumulated an impressive repertoire of musical talents. She has had experience in Vocals, Gospel Choir and Jazz musical endeavors. She was also in the Gospel Choir at Centro Jazz in Torino, Italy.


“Giovanna is a singer gifted by extraordinary qualities,” according to Composer, Andrea Morricone. “The affability of her voice is capable to mold on any different color of executive technique. In the teaching field, she can harmonize every aspect of her huge talent.”


The Italian singer-songwriter, and award-winning musical artist won Best World Music Album of the Year and Best Singer-Songwriter of the Year with her first album, Jungle e Maree at the Los Angeles Music Awards. The album is set to be released in autumn of 2014.


In addition to her many musical performances, Gattuso also authored and taught the Crossover Singing Method. The book and technique details her own singing methodology and, according to sources, “remains as one of the top five bestselling books for voice technique methods.”


Convivio Center will be housing this event. In addition to her many musical talents, the center will be exhibiting several beautiful water colors with extracts of her songs inscribed in calligraphy.

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